Ford Lease Return Near Worcester, MA

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Ford Lease Return
Near Worcester, MA

Curious about how to return a lease, or maybe you'd like to buy out your lease and keep driving your vehicle after the initial terms end? At our Ford dealership near Worcester, we can answer your questions and make the lease return process simple. When you're within 90 days of your lease contract expiring, come speak with one of the experts at Herb Chambers Ford of Westborough.

We'll review lease return options with you and help you decide which is best for your situation. We're here to review all your lease-related needs, whether you'd like to return a lease and walk away or are interested in leasing one of the new Ford models on our lot. Stop by our Herb Chambers Company and we'll get you started with your Ford lease return!

How to Return Your Ford Lease

  • Contact Herb Chambers Ford of Westborough to schedule a lease-end consultation. We'll walk you through the process and answer any questions you have about your lease return.
  • Schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection with our certified Ford repair technicians. We'll be able to assess any damage to your vehicle and give you an opportunity to schedule any necessary repairs.
  • Remove all personal items and return any accessories that came with your vehicle, such as key fobs and owner's manuals.
  • Bring any necessary repair receipts with you to your lease-end appointment.